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Miss Lynx

The Story So Far (first installment)

A lot more has happened than this, but I have to start somewhere in getting this journal up to date... This beginning part is fairly abbreviated and condenses a lot of gaming sessions into one entry.

It all started when Eli travelled to the Temagami area of Northern Ontario, trying to track down the last surviving member of a missing pack who'd disappeared in the Umbra. He met Henry while trying to find the missing person, and then they encountered Kore, who told them about a strange patch of forest she'd discovered where the trees were growing in an exceptionally orderly way, more so even than a normal even-aged tree plantation.

They checked it out and found strange spiritual anomalies - the umbral version of the trees appeared to be hollow and spun from weaver webs, and putting out strands to suck energy out of surrounding natural trees, and other life forms - even the characters! There were no other plants or animals within the affected area, and most disturbing of all the trees appeared to be beginning to interbreed with other trees around the edges of the area.

With Kore's assistance they broke into the local MNR office and discovered that a company called Forever Forests had cut and replanted the area - and then found out from other werewolves in the area that the company was owned by Garou! While they were planning how to investigate this further, they met up with Renton, who was on vacation and trying to check out Temagami's virtually non-existent nightlife, and he ended up joining them.

The foursome then went down to the company's headquarters in North Bay, where they met with the company president and told him what they had found. He seemed completely shocked, and said that while the strain of trees they had planted were a "new variety", they had only been modified to speed their growth so that the forest would re-grow faster. He said that the staff were all about to go away on a camping trip for the long weekend, but that he would look into it when he got back, particularly if they could provide him with any hard evidence that the trees were really having a destructive spiritual effect.

Not entirely content with this explanation, they waited until nightfall and broke into the building - or tried to. Unfortunately, it was a little better-defended than they'd thought, and they managed to attract the attention of some nasty Weaver spirits (hunter spiders). While trying to get away from them, they ran into the one employee who hadn't gone on the camping trip - Lewis.

After some conflict, Renton managed to persuade/coax/threaten Lewis into turning off the security, and they explained what they were doing there. Concerned, he hacked into the R&D director's account and found some secret records on the project, which indicated the tree stock had come from a Toronto company called Genova. They decided a field trip was in order, and Lewis decided to join them, given that between the security violation and his hacking activities he'd likely be out of a job come the return of the staff, unless he could prove it was all for a good reason... And he wanted to know whether his co-workers really were up to something nasty.

So off our fearless five went to the big scab to the south...
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