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Miss Lynx

Cast (in order of appearance, not to be confused with Appearance)

  • Eli Owlson, a.k.a. Light-of-the-Lost, played by nikosw. Silent Strider theurge, metis (albino), and finder of missing people. Tends to be the brains of the operation.
  • Henry Coldlake, played by Cleasai (who is not on LJ - yet), Wendigo ahroun. Big, strong, bit of a temper, likes bacon sandwiches, and REALLY doesn't like alcohol.
  • Kore Shadowstalker, NPC (but played by me as a PC in other chronicles). Black Fury kinfolk, but apparently with powers above and beyond the average kinfolk. Quiet and stealthy and good at getting into places she isn't supposed to be. The players are starting to suspect she has secrets she's not telling.
  • Renton Wallace, played by justindecent. Fianna galliard, singer in a Celtic punk band, and generally disreputable character. Likes alcohol (and cigarettes) a whole lot, and has a sense of humour that sometimes gets him into trouble.
  • Lewis (can't remember his last name and don't have a copy of his character sheet), played by shrugmaggot. Glass Walker ragabash, computer hacker, forestry student and (ex-)intern at Forever Forests, a GW-owned sustainable forestry company that may or may not be involved in a nefarious genetic engineering scheme.
  • Healer's Heart, played by Jay (not on LJ). Silent Strider theurge and former missing person, found by Eli. Suffering from amnesia after the rest of his original pack was horribly killed in the Umbra. May have secrets he's not only not telling, but doesn't even know about himself.
  • Vladimir Walks-in-Darkness, played by darkmoon31. Shadow Lord philodox. The newest pack member, and some still wonder what Owl was thinking. Can you possibly get any more vampire-like and still be a werewolf? He's even got a Slavic accent and a black cape, for heaven's sake. Originally rescued by them from the genetic engineering lab they broke into. Sneaky bastard, not yet trusted.
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