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Lady Midnight


Well the move to Toronto went smoothly, though I wasn't expecting to leave the city quite so fast. A silly part of me hoped that Aiden would stick round, and not get into too much trouble, but another part, the more practical part, kind of knew that it was in his nature to stir up the shit, and this time it was in a blender with the top removed. Dissapointing, but... what the hell. I haven't a clue where he his and life does indeed strive foreward.

I found work pretty quickly after getting into the city, and straight away met a lovely co-worker whom I expect I shall be remaining friends with. I've never known a non-changeling who can do magic. And who is as good a dancer as I am. That in itself is an accomplishment. It was a night of good tips, and one where I met a couple of local faries. Both of which I gave a personal lapdance, and one who... welll... he has provided me with a place to stay, entertainment of an intimate nature, and hell, he's cute too. He also wears a circlet. It was a little surreal but not something I am unused to, to give the nobles a bit of a show. But indeed there is something about a pretty elf and a couple of sluagh in a strip club that has got to make one smile.

Tonight is a night of discovery and, hopefully, debauchery. I had just done some shopping for a whole change of wardrobe, and am getting ready for Bob to pick me up. We shall be going to Dangerous Visions, my first night out on the town in this new city. I am looking forward to meeting up with my old friends. Imagine, Bob and Patronella both in the same city. I can only hope that our new romps are not as... watched as our past ones. None the less, I look forward to seeing the sluagh, she's a little slimy, with contagious warts on her tongue that she enjoys advertizing, but we've bonded in a few ways that make me enjoy her. And as for Bob, well. A satyr loves to drink, and this Boggin can give you a run for the money!

anyways. He should be here in a few moments. I have my satyr sense telling me that tonight will be indeed, intensely interesting and filled with events that may or may not result in drunkeness, pain or sex.

Either or, it will be one hell of a night.
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