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So, Nikos is a vampire

Found out one of my best friends is now a member of the undead. My how things change. Trouble has been brewin' and that spider fearing bitch is back. I'm losin' a bit more of the few human things I had to begin with, and Anthony thinks he can solve all my problems with more sex. I need someone to talk to who knows what I'm going through without getting all preachy about inhumanity like I KNOW Anthony will. *sigh* I'm just glad he doesn't know about this journal. One of the good things about being a modern vampy is that I don't fear technology as much as the others. Well, close. Okay, so I STILL fear technology but not AS MUCH. Yeah.


Shaved this evening when I awoke. I still get creeped out by the silence coming from my chest. No heartbeat. No breathing. *Grins sarcasticly* and people are curious as to WHY I can't identify with the kine? Fuck! They were my tools or my toys even when I was mortal!!! Now, now they are beneath my fucking contempt. Those idiots in the goth scene are now even more so my puppets, all the while they laugh and cavort without knowing that they have a monster in their midst. When the idiot goth twinks rub against me and try to be dangerous and flirtatious they have no idea that they are hitting on a CORPSE!! *laughs manicly* Necrophiliacs every one of them. I used to be just like them. I used to think I understood the dark. Ye gods was I ever wrong. I'd like to bury every last one of THEM alive and make THEM have to crawl and dig their ways out of their own coffins. Maybe then they will know what it is they seek to immitate. I see understanding in the eyes of the few I show my true self to. I see that understanding painted forever on their faces as they slowly die in ecstasy. Identify with them? Please. Nothing has changed since the embrace. I'm still a predator, they are still my prey. *laughs* The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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