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Fw: Lewis?

- Original Message - From: Martha O'Lupa To: Sent: Saturday October 22nd, 2002 Subject: Lewis? Are you alive? Father and I are worried about you. Mom ----------------------------------- Dear mother, I should first apologize for not responding to your last seventy or so emails. I have been incredibly busy these few weeks and with my rather scarce free time haven't had the opportunity to write back to you. Your concerns about my health and well being should be here eased, as I'm writing to inform you that I am doing just fine. I hope you will relay this news to father who must undoubtedly share you worries. It had marked the beginning of a rather interesting journey since we last spoke. I am finally answering the recurring question in many of your letters saying yes - I have ceded my analyst position at the forestry company. But rest assured that I have found new opportunities and better ventures elswhere; duties which I hope will not undermine your investments in my education (nor embarass you if the topic of me is brought up at one of your lavish cocktail parties). I am presently enlisted as the technical administrator for a small Management Consulting firm called "Owl's talons Inc.". They're a smart bunch. I was actually nominated as most valued employee last week. They continuousely shower me with warmth and affection, and respect...for once I really feel like I belong. Thus I hope this letter can bring you encouragement of my present being and environment. To think that I almost forgot to give you the greatest news. News of a newly aquired significant other. Believe it or not, I've met a woman. Her name is Vladina. She is East European and has the most alluring Scandanavian accent. I'll bring her over sometime so the family can all meet her. Mostly, I'd like Vladina to meet my dearest older brother Chud. Is he still competing in those silly Ultimate Fighting competitions? I still think he should put his brawn to better use like vampire hunting or something. I know that the topic of vampires is still very difficult to digest since the death of Tabitha... You must trust that I still think of my sister everyday. Awaiting your reprise. With love and affection, Lewis ----------------------------------
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December 18 2003, 04:13:39 UTC 13 years ago

i have read ur guys's group for a while and think you all rock...i was wondering if someone could add me to email is, sorry for bothering you all