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Vlad's Journal...That FUCKING vampire pt. 1. The Vozhd

Dear journal, wonderful night!! No mere Vozhd, no puny Tzimisce elder, no rampaging "pack brother" can stand before the might of me!! Zandor created a Vozhd, a VOZHD!! All in a vain attempt to lay me low, and it meant nothing, for I have learned the tricks of the enemy and am using them against him to show him the TRUE might of Vla- I mean Gaia!!! Taking Zandors face unto my own, I commanded his mindless behemoth servant to be gone from me, to rest. Others fled, some went mad, but my resolve was unbreakable!! I forced it to give way to my strength!! Upon giving the weaker minded members of my pack time to return to their senses, we set upon the sleeping beast with fang and claw!! Its death was mercifully quick, and I can only hope the pathetic humans used in its creation have found some measure of peace. My poor poor Clarence however..... he was most distraught that his paintings were missing. It would appear that they were taken by the Fiend. These.....voices soon started.... they were whispering all my past regrets, all my past shames...... they wouldn't stop...... and I think my dearest Clarence heard them too..............

But the voices stopped later that night my journal...... they stopped when the final ashes of my former mentor hit the floor......... but that my journal is another story.....

still the prettiest
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